Kiddoboo for «The Smile of the Child»

In the Dyname family, for years now we have been following with emotion the important work carried out by the pan-Hellenic voluntary organization "The Smile of the Child". We perceive the offer to the wider society as an obligation and for this reason we decided to practically embrace the organization's actions as a company.

Children have always been a key pillar of communication in the field of CSR actions, which is reflected beyond our actions, in the activity of the company, which has created the kiddoboo brand exclusively for these ages. Having singled out the children's tablet to be the brand's best seller, we decided that with the sale of each kiddoboo tablet, €1 will be donated to the "Smile of the Child".

The amount collected will be used by the organization for the multiple actions to support the children.

At Dyname we are proud to meet common values ​​such as equality, dignity, love, pioneering, respect, participation, consistency, cooperation with the "Smile of the Child" and we want to be present in its valuable work.

We believe that a child should only smile!