DYNAME, Group of leading brands

DYNAME consists of the Greek Group operating on technology and lifestyle, after a 22-year journey in the field of electronic consumers under the trade name PURO HELLAS. Following the trends of technology and fashion, DYNAME offers premium brands to the public that the new age consumers enjoy what suits their needs and lifestyle.

It is a group that operates in the wholesale trade, having the responsibility of distributing large European technology houses. Some of the brands that DYNAME supplies exclusively to the Greek market are PURO, DIZO, POPSOCKETS regarding audio and mobile phone accessories and GIOTECK related to the ever-growing gaming industry. Additional services of the group are outsourcing and private labeling for technology products, electric mobility, and mobile telephony accessories according to the requirements and specifications set by partners and end consumers.

Having the experience and possessing the know-how in recent years, DYNAME has successfully progressed to the creation of OEM products. Milestone is the EGOBOO, which started as a manufacturer of electric mobility products in the Greek market. Electric scooters and bicycles were the first step of the brand and continued with smartwatches and mobile accessories. EGOBOO continues to enrich its range to create an entire ecosystem that supports the comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics of the end user.

Representing constant evolution and development, DYNAME could not help but create yet another brand based on EGOBOO's DNA and designed exclusively for children. Through KIDDOBOO, it brings to the Greek market the first tablet for children with 24 fun and learning applications. It is a gadget through which children acquire knowledge in multiple thematic fields by playing. It provides parental control to evaluate the usage, it is an excellent choice of safe, educational and at the same time fun activity. New products aimed at our little friends are constantly being added to the KIDDOBOO range, such as the children's smartwatch.

Analyzing the needs of partners and end consumers, DYNAME constantly studies the development of unsaturated industries and invests in them, providing high-quality technology products and creating the best user experiences for consumers.

DYNAME invests in the technology market, its values, its staff. It is establishing itself daily in the global technological firmament and is here as a model of the future.