KIDDOBOO, Amazing as you

KIDDOBOO, powered by EGOBOO and following the brand’s quality and values, is a technology brand which suggests innovative solutions, especially designed for kids. KIDDOBOO shows the way to an exciting world, like the one every kid dream of and the one that every parent has been waiting for.

Modern, fun, safe and educational. The word he deserves!

KIDDOBOO is the first Greek brand that brought the tablet for kids to the Greek market. A gadget, specially designed to be easy for kids to use, but also safe, giving parents the possibility of remote control. It provides an exciting game interface, through which children acquire knowledge in multiple fields!

Moving on, KIDDOBOO brought to market a specially designed and adapted to kids’ smartwatch, which entertains, monitors the activity and gives accurate information. With long battery life, biosensor and 14 exercise modes, it will be kids’ best friend. Embrace KIDDOBOO and become a part of a magical journey that has it all!