Outsourcing & Private Label

We provide outsourcing and private label services for technology products regarding e-mobility and mobile accessories, according to your requirements and specifications. Guided by quality and speed, we proceed to the analysis of needs, the design of products and their dedicated packaging up to the execution of production and the delivery.


Representing internationally recognized brands, we distribute and deliver a large variety of products with precision and consistency to the warehouses of our customers. We maintain a sufficient stock with safety, offering immediate replenishment. Acquiring warehouses in Greece and Cyprus, we cover the wider region of the Balkans, distributing a significant range of technology products and accessories.

Merchandising & Product Marketing

We analyse, plan and implement all the necessary marketing and communication actions, in collaboration with our customers and partners. We undertake the design, implementation and distribution of promotional material and product presentations, as well as marketing actions at the points of sale. In addition, we organize consulting and human resources training programs to support sales.