EGOBOO, The new you

EGOBOO is a Greek brand that entered the technology market in 2020. It started by producing e-mobility products and distributing electric bicycles and scooters through its official distributors.

Electromobility products were just the beginning for the brand. Comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics were the characteristics on which EGOBOO was based for the development of products that give the consumer the opportunity to draw his own route.

With safety and user convenience in mind, EGOBOO also marketed accessories for bicycle and scooter users such as helmets, backpacks, pet bags, etc.

In this direction, a complete EGOBOO ecosystem is slowly being created with products that complement the basic range to improve the end user's quality of living.

With this sense and by introducing smartwatches into its range, it offers absolute control over health and everyday life. Multiple functions, sophisticated features, dozens of sports programs, unparalleled design.

Every day is ideal for a new beginning. By changing our way of thinking, our actions change. And our actions upgrade us. We are evolving and enjoying the path we are taking. With confidence, freedom, autonomy. Our world is changing, will you be left behind?